I was referred to Mr. Warden for a divorce after my husband had run up about $85,000 of credit card debt in my name without my consent. I believed I would lose my house and my teacher's pension in the divorce. I was in my late 50s and scared for my future. Mr. Warden saved 100% of my house, 100% of my pension plan and 0 credit card debt with no impact on my credit and no more husband.

- Eilene W. 


My girlfriend of 28 years died without leaving a will. She had verbally promised me her property and her house. Instead, her out of state nephew inherited all of it. Mr. Warden sued the estate on my behalf for the value of my services for maintaining my girlfriend's property for about 28 years. My settlement was a house in Toluca Lake, CA free and clear next door to Walt Disney's mother's house.

- Darrell P.


When my wife and I immigrated from Mexico we bought a small Mexican theme restaurant with our life savings in a strip center in Philmar, CA from another Mexican national. Six months later we were served with an eviction notice by the seller of the restaurant. I was desperate not to lose our business and our life savings. Mr. Warden discovered the party trying to evict me was a tenant of the strip center and had operated this scam previously on other unsuspecting Mexicans coming to the US. Mr. Warden sued the seller who was trying to take my restaurant in addition to the shopping center owner. At the trial Mr. Warden settled my case with full title to my restaurant and a new long term lease directly with the shopping center owners including all of my attorney's fees and costs paid by the man who tried to evict us. Mr. Warden was able to unite the shopping center owners against the scam artist who had sold me the restaurant because the seller had been utilizing the shopping center lease as a scam on unsuspecting people coming from Mexico as well as making false promises. Mr. Warden saved our restaurant and saved us from complete ruin.

- Humberto P.


In 2012 I purchased a classic 1965 Mustang convertible on an Ebay™ auction from South Carolina. I thought I had been prudent by having the car inspected before paying for the vehicle. The Mustang arrived in California with rust, holes in the body, and obvious defects that were so horrible it appeared that the car was made out of Swiss cheese. Mr. Warden made a claim for a refund and recision based on fraud (the inspector was in on it). I received all of my money back from Ebay™ auctions and they were very responsive to pick up the car and go after the seller for fraud and restitution. Mr. Warden acted so quickly, the car was gone and all my money was repaid within 25 days.

- Bob R.


My parents had both passed away and I discovered my sister was taking large sums of money from their lifetime savings account. The family house had been sold and was about to close escrow. I retained Mr. Warden and he immediately filed an action with the Los Angeles Probate Court and in one day obtained an ex parte restraining order to freeze all money in all accounts and seize the net sale proceeds of the escrow from the escrow company preserving the money received from the sale of the house. The restraining order was immediately obtained to freeze everything until all claims could be resolved by the courts. Mr. Warden saved us over $250,000 by his quick action and expert knowledge.

- J.L.


Since 1975 Mr. Warden has been my attorney for my business, my mother and my sister-in-law and has handled a vast number of major problems with outstanding results over those many years. I have referred many friends and relatives to him.

- Tony H


I had a short term extremely violent marriage with no children. My wife filed for dissolution of marriage and obtained restraining orders against me. Mr. Warden contacted opposing counsel the same day I retained him and we set up mediation with my wife's counsel later that week. The matter was settled on all issues in one session, reduced to writing, and the judgment was filed in the court the following week which concluded the case before I even had to file a response in court. I was very pleased with the quick analysis and action of Mr. Warden that resulted in a very good conclusion for both parties. I saved lots of money in attorney's fees and costs.

- G.G.


I built a custom garage for my car collection for about $160,000. The roof leaked badly. Mr. Warden got me $190,000 from the builder for the repair of the roof. The next roof also leaked. Mr. Warden got me another $54,000 from the second contractor for the second roof repair. The new roof does not leak and I have a free garage.

-Gary C.


When I was about 22 years old and broke I was working as a parking lot attendant at Mr. Warden's office building. Mr. Warden advised me I had a great future if I focused on personal self development. He told me to buy a certain book to guide me. Approximately eight years later I owned my own business, was married, and purchased a house in North Ridge, CA for $400,000. On the day the escrow closed, I called Mr. Warden to thank him for his guidance.

- Steve R.


My wife and I purchased a 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk for restoration and use for vintage automobile tours and club functions. I took the car to a mechanic, who said he was an expert in restoring such vehicles and proceeded to take the car apart. He put in Mustang seats, Ford electronics, and basically unrestored a very straight running, functional 1962 car. I realized after several months I had invested $52,000 into this restoration project, which had no hope of being completed by the mechanic. I had been mislead, overcharged and duped by false promises. We went through a 3 day court trial and I received a judgment of over $52,000  against the mechanic. After levying on his house, I received payment in full of our judgment, including interest and cost in excess of $62,000 from our initial investment of $4,200.

- Don W.


My daughter referred me to Mr. Warden for a divorce many years ago. I had been a stay at home mom, a housewife and not allowed to work. I was given a small weekly allowance by an overbearing husband and destitute. I was afraid of my husband, had no money, no skills, and no education or training. Mr. Warden got me a substantial amount of spousal support, half the equity of our home, plus half of my husbands pension plan and bank accounts. I also received additional funds for training. I went to a business school, learned computer skills, and got a job as a full charged book keeper in San Diego, far away from my ex-husband. I visited Mr. Warden many years later to thank him for saving my life.

- Betty M.